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3 essential things to be successful on social media

There are 3 things I wish I’d known about social media before I got started. If I’d have known about them they would have helped me to stop wasting my time doing things that weren’t effective!

I started using social media for my first business probably back in 2008/2009 and there was one reason why I decided to invest time in it – I wanted to raise more awareness of my business, so more people would come and use the services we were providing.

This is the reason why lots of people invest time and money in social media.

However, there is a huge problem with the statement I wrote about why I got started. It was all me, me, me.

I was focused on what I could get out of it – how many people I could reach and how many sales I could make. HUGE MISTAKE.

There’s really no wonder why it didn’t work and here’s the reason why… people who are roaming around on social media don’t like being sold to, it’s not the aim of the game.

So I had the wrong strategy entirely, but luckily by the time I’d started the Female Entrepreneur Association I’d figured that out. I’d realised that there were 3 essential things I needed to do in order to make social media effective and so I focused my energy on learning how to do them well and it made all the difference. In fact, these things have not only helped me to build a fan base of over 100,000 on Facebook, they’ve also helped me to drive more traffic back to my website than ever before, convert better and satisfy the wants and needs of my audience better than ever.

So in this week’s video I thought I’d share these 3 things I’ve learned with you :) I’d love to hear what you think about this – how do you get your social media to work effectively? Leave a comment below.

When you integrate these things into your social media strategy it has such a profound impact, because really it’s all about making your audience happy, going above and beyond for them, thinking about more ways you could help them or even just bring a smile to their face.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Carrie x

P.s. if you enjoyed this video then come and join us over in the Members’ Club this month where we’re running the Social Media Pro Course. This is an online video course, which dives deep into the heart and soul of social media. Find out more here.

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