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Hustle or Anti-Hustle? How to Create Success on Your Own Terms

In this episode I’m sitting down with the incredible Jodie Cook, an entrepreneur, author and champion powerlifter. Jodie has published 20 books (yes, 20!) and is a Forbes contributor who writes about all things business and entrepreneurship. She is also an advocate for living intentionally and helping other entrepreneurs to create success on their own terms, one step at a time. 

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In this episode, Jodie and I talk about:

  • How she built a successful social media agency and later sold it for the exact amount she had visualised
  • How she dealt with losing 25% of her client base in one week (and came back even stronger!)
  • How to cut through the noise and figure out what steps to take at each stage of your entrepreneur journey
  • The 3 most important things to focus on when you’re just starting out
  • Finding the sweet spot between hustle and anti-hustle culture
  • Living more intentionally every day to create the life and career you really want

Jodie has just published an amazing new book called Ten Year Career, a guide for entrepreneurs that offers an antidote to all the conflicting and confusing advice out there. It outlines the four phases of entrepreneurship, the pitfalls to avoid, a five-step action plan for each phase, and how to know when the time is right to move on to the next stage in your journey. 

Find out more and connect with Jodie here:

Ten Year Career — Order the Book & Get Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses
Instagram: @jodiecook

I really hope you love this episode and that it helps you to start thinking more intentionally about your life and your business, where you want to go next, and how you’re going to get there.

Speaking of moving forward, I’m super excited today because the Dream Business Bundle is now LIVE!! 

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The Dream Business Bundle is the ultimate crash course in launching and growing a wildly successful business — minus all the confusion and overwhelming advice that’s out there. 

You’ll learn how to:

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