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We not only ‘talk the talk’, we also ‘walk the walk’

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Female Entrepreneur: Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

Location: Australia

Company: Creative Balance

Industry: Coaching

She started her business because: coaching literally changed her life & now she can help others change theirs

Age range: 30s

What made you decide to start your own business?

After spending over twenty years working in business; everything from start-ups to corporate, I had invested a lot of time in process re-engineering, system analysis, HR review and implementation, financial cost reduction, and the list goes on, that when I found Coaching it was the perfect conduit to use this knowledge in a specific and focused method.

Coaching was actually suggested to me by my Lecturer when I was undertaking my Post Graduate Certificate in Management. I looked into what Coaching was all about and it has literally changed my life from the moment I started what is called “the coaching journey”.

A lot has changed, because I have implemented everything I believe on myself first, before my clients received any of this. That is what makes what I do so powerful and so incredible, because there isn’t anything that I put my clients through that I have not already experienced. Whilst my interpretation may be different I can always relate to what they experience.

Sometimes it is nice to know that the person sitting opposite you that is helping you to be all you can be knows what it is like to be on the other side and can relate to living life in varying degrees. Because I have done this for me I know, if you are open to change, I can do it for you.

Tell us about your business…

Creative Balance provides the answers and the solutions to the client by resolving problems, assisting them to remove barriers and adding value to their lives. Creative Balance assists the client to become complete – personally, professionally and spiritually. This is done through Life Coaching, Performance Coaching, Timeline Therapy, Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling, NLP, Spiritual Coaching and is backed with more than twenty years experience and expertise in Metaphysics, Reiki, Management, Finance, Leadership, Human Resources and Training.

My aim with Creative Balance is to bring authentic value and embrace all aspects of “Self” – be it personally, through business or even on a spiritual level. Creative Balance is about allowing your aspirations, which lead to your achievements, to become your inevitable successes.

We use the latest techniques available, however, we have taken this one step further – we have now devised our own method of creating change and implementing solutions.

Creative Balance also has a healing division, separate to the coaching and behavioural profiling; however it does work in conjunction with. It is taking such methodology as Time Line Therapy, Spiritual Coaching and NLP to a more personal level and actually assists with healing past traumas as well as providing spiritual insight. This is a much deeper technique than life coaching.

At Creative Balance we are all about creating change through enabling self alignment, self empowerment & the opportunity to be complete. It is necessary to understand what your driver is within and with this; success becomes inevitable in everything that you do. This means that we assist you gain tools and the understanding of how to access this whenever you want or need to.

We not only ‘talk the talk’, we also ‘walk the walk’. We only believe in ‘can’ and we can show you why this is easy to achieve if you are committed to you and your life.

Being leaders and experts in this field is more than qualifications, it is more than knowledge, it is also having the passion to deliver coaching for the right reasons – to help the client help themselves. What makes us different is because we go the extra mile; we continually step it up and look for ways to bring more to our clients on every level possible. We believe that we are an example of our service and product and being the best means playing at that level in everything we do.

What is a day in the life of you like?

The consistency is in the inconsistency i.e. every day varies, which is exactly how I like it. Some days I will work for several hours with a client on a specific project. Other days I have one one one clients covering everything from implementing goals, to removing trauma to even spiritual healings and readings and then there are days where I work on business development and business implementation.

In between all of that I look for ways to provide more to my clients, be it through courses, increasing the value of content to members, working on events I will be running or further business development, always looking for more ways to take my message into the world – when you are complete success will follow in all you do.

What have been your biggest challenges so far with running your business?

Like many other businesses the challenge is to generate revenue and get clients. Because Coaching is classified under the one umbrella, despite the fact that there are clearly differences between niches and methodology to deliver to a client, the challenge remains to educate the target market on why my company is better than the other 3000 plus out there.

How did you overcome these challenges?

Initially, in the early days I did what everyone else did. I advertised and networked in the same places as every other coach. It was no surprise that I got nowhere. I spent thousands of dollars resulting in a nil return.

Then I realised the secret that many omit to share – to run the business my way. As soon as I looked at why I started the business in the first place, connected who I am to the business and then let this speak in all I did, be it advertising, services or otherwise it has been a very different picture. There is a reason why millionaires make millions and no one can copy – they did it their way. So, I found a way that worked for me.

What have you found to be the most effective way to get new clients?

Word of Mouth is still one of the best ways to get clients however, it does take a lot of work and many hours to get this. In addition to my core business I mentored Business Women as well as took on pro-bono cases. It takes time but now five years on I have an exceptional reputation amongst all of my clients – past and present.

The key I found is being present to where the target market is. Where do they read, buy – online and offline. That is where I need to be. Also, in my industry, getting out and allowing people to see why I am good at what I do, what I bring to the table and understand why I am so passionate. In other words – the service/product is all about the person, so share the person with the target market.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

Be clear on what you want to achieve – short term and long term. Be it through a vision or a mission. Also, set achievable goals based on this.

Keep focus on this vision or mission and be flexible as you go. By being open to opportunities it allows the business to organically evolve and grow. This tends to be the healthiest way forward.

Never Give Up – there will be days where you wonder what you are doing, why you are bothering but come back to the vision/mission. Tomorrow will be better. Someone once said to me to give up on a good day because you never will. It is something to consider.

How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

Remembering where I have come from, what I do today and why I do what I do – it is part of who I am and my business is an extension of this. It can be as simple as thinking of the last client I helped or thinking of my overall goal. I can do what I do without a second thought and yet I can make the biggest difference to someone’s life. It is my purpose and duty to fulfil this to wherever it is that it takes me.

What’s your favourite quote?

The two quotes I generally use (and made up myself)

“You are only limited by your own limitations” and my other one

“Being true to oneself is sometimes the greatest challenge and when you get there it is the easiest thing to be”

Who inspires you?

The person that got me believing in starting my own business was Ricardo Semler. After I received a personalized letter from him directly it provided an interesting perspective on success. Aside this, he really is an “out of the box” thinker that acts on it all.

Do you have a business philosophy?

“The difference that makes the difference is in our knowledge, our diversity, our expertise and our flexibility delivering professional results and lasting solutions.”

In other words, we are passionate, committed, professional, behaviourally flexible, have extensive qualifications, knowledge and experience, are ethical and use integrity to provide the best possible solution for our clients at all times.

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