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“I decided it was about time I stopped letting life getting in the way of my dreams”

by Michelle Potts

“If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.”

-Mary Kay Ash

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart but without the belief to carry it through. Well, at 44 years old I decided it was about time I stopped letting life getting in the way of my dreams and start doing something about it. However, the answer came when I was least expecting it.

Filling in for a member of the management board at my son’s school at a networking event in Shrewsbury, bought me into contact with Karyl Iles. In her 30 second commercial, all I heard was “Swiss skincare” and “anti-ageing”. The Swiss comment immediately told me the products were prestige quality and well, the anti-ageing attraction speaks for itself! The poor woman didn’t know what had hit her when I descended.

With my corporate background, I wanted to know everything – how the business worked, what made the products unique, how they were marketed and importantly, what could I earn?

Word of mouth marketing, not available on the High Street, pure consumable products (people keep coming back for more), a unique Try Before You Buy option for customers, a fantastic support network (so although you are in business for yourself you are not by yourself) and part-time. Best of all, were the financial rewards that are achievable with Arbonne – a beautiful White Mercedes, residual and unlimited income potential. Why would I ever be employed by someone else again! I was so excited to get started – best described as ignorance on fire!

Well, 6 months on I have learnt a lot about network marketing and myself. I have met and am working with some amazing people. Self belief was my first challenge but by following the leaders in Arbonne and learning about network marketing from the best (Jim Rohn is my favourite), I have overcome mine but my greatest achievement so far, has been the self development of members of my team. We ladies forget that our experience juggling a job and a family have given us some amazing skills – by recognising these skills and developing them, my team are growing in confidence, in self belief and in turn, their businesses are booming. In Las Vegas next year, Arbonne are holding their Training Conference – watch out Vegas, here we come!

If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.

– Dolly Parton

I love this saying – sometimes we forget that good things only happen after hard work. On the rainy days (you need to remember, we all have them), my vision for the future of my family keeps me on track. A husband that would like to be on the golf course more and a teenager who, well they are just expensive, appear on my Vision Board on my desk. And if they are really annoying, I have a picture of a pair of Jimmy Choos that can take their place!

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