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Turning the Side-Effects of Kidney Failure into a Thriving Business

Woman of the Week 19th December 2011

Read Jan Williams’ inspiring story below.

I am woman on dialysis who has turned the unwanted side-effects of kidney failure into a thriving business.

I set up Lasers Clinic in January 2008, opening my first clinic in Frodsham (originally Northwest laser & Aesthetics Clinic). We now celebrating the opening of my third laser clinic in Mold, North Wales, my second in St Helens, Merseyside last year and I will shortly be opening my forth clinic with the dream of some day launching the business nationwide.

It has taken a lot of determination and dedication to get to where we are today. I was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1996, since then I have had two failed kidney transplants and currently back on the waiting list (last time I waited 8 years).

Adverse side effects from the medication resulted in unwanted hair growth, after visiting many different clinics and being disappointed I was referred to a dermatologist. It was then that I got the idea for the business.

Having to attend a regular hospital clinic really put pressure on my career and I lost two jobs within two years. After a very long chat with the dermatologist and the benefits of a good laser, I realised I had a business idea that was just perfect for me and to help others in my situation. I just had a few problems in finding the right premises and funding!

I originally trained as a hairdresser and then worked as a TV and studio make-up artist in London. Then moved into sales which is where, I believe, I acquired a lot of my business acumen.

I was hard setting up the business, undergoing training courses, while supporting myself by working at different jobs. It took 18 months and I had to take some awful jobs to pay the bills while training and setting the business up

January 2008 I opened my first laser clinic in Frodsham with just £15 left to my name, it was slow to start but people came from all over Preston, London, Holyhead and even Dubai.

It felt like such an achievement when I opened my first laser clinic and the success continued with my second clinic being opened in St Helens, which is also doing amazingly well. I have just been made a national trainer to cynosure UK and launched my very own laser training centre – these courses will be privately run we currently have just finished training to GP’s but colleges will be able to send graduates on placements with us.

I hope to continue with the successful growth of the clinics, I plan to set up my own clinical and retail skin care range.

Meanwhile I am hopeful that I will have a successful transplant in the near future. At the moment I get up around 4am for dialysis before I get ready for work. It’s boring and tiring but enables me to live a relatively normal life

I waited eight years for the last transplant. The kidney failed when I came off some of my medication to try fertility treatment. It could be in for a long wait but if I am lucky enough to get another kidney I will make sure I pack a lot into every moment in the future.

I really enjoy the business and meeting people and getting good results for them. I am very lucky we have built a good reputation and support from our very loyal patient base.

Since opening the business I have been awarded with

• Winner Start Up Awards 2008

• Winner Network She Cheshire Business Women 2008

• Barclays Trading Places Regional Finalist

• Winner Train 2000 Health fitness and well being

• The British Female Inventors & Innovators award 2009 Special recognition 2009

• Finalist Cheshire Chronicle Women In business awards

• Finalist Network She Cheshire business women

• Morgan Foundation Finalist 2010

• Chamber of Commerce Most Promising new Business 2010 North West Region.

Without the patients These awards would never have been possible

Hopes for the future:

I hope the business continues to grow and offer treatments to private and Government funded projects, the clinics success has be borne via our honesty ,flexibility, trust and integrity with our patients and it is critical as we expand the business these fundamental qualities are not lost as it’s what sets us aside from our competitors.

I have a great team of people who work with me and I would like concentrate more of my time on working with disfigured adults and children and finding new ways in which we can treat them as well as educating others on the problems ridicule can cause.

Our Website is

Clinic Contact number 0845 8331583

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