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Quitting Banking to Start a Business With Style

Elizabeth Haydn quit a career in banking to set up her business, Elizabeth Haydn Style. She now helps people to feel more confifdent and empowered through what they wear. In this inspiring story, Elizabeth shares her reason for wanting to set up her own business, the challenegs she has faced so far and what inspires her.

A few years ago I had a successful but unfulfilling career in banking. I had a senior role in the marketing department, in one of the large banks, but I dreamed of working for myself, having a job that, as well as keeping the kids in shoes, also fitted in with my family and gave me the career satisfaction that the bank just did not.

When I had my second child the realisation that I had reached a crossroad really hit home. I was on maternity leave and the desire to be my own boss was even stronger. I have always loved fashion, in fact previous to the bank I had done some freelance marketing for boutiques and beauty salons. I was getting repeat requests from friends and family for help with clothes shopping and deciding what to wear.

I understood how your body could change, as you get older or after having a baby, I faced these challenges myself, but I knew how to disguise the bits I’m not keen on. Then came the eureka moment… how do ‘normal’ women cope with their image after life changing events? People that haven’t got access to a celebrity stylist or a personal trainer. How could I make people feel confident and empowered through their image?

So my business was born. I wanted to make sure my services were affordable, an investment and accessible to normal women. I focus on offering a really personal service and adapting to my customers needs. I start with what my clients already own and often my customers get asked if they have been on a shopping spree after a wardrobe consultation. I teach my customers the principles of the capsule wardrobe, dressing for their body shape and mixing and matching.

My biggest challenge so far is overcoming the perception that I offer a luxury service. Whereas most of my clients, after a consultation, actually find they shop less and when they do they shop more effectively i.e. get more wear out of their new purchases, as well as utilising their existing wardrobe fully. My customers don’t make costly ‘mistakes’ that don’t get worn. I love Coco Chanel’s quote “I am against fashion that doesn’t last. I can not accept that you throw your clothes away just because it is spring” and feel this fits perfectly with my businesses ethic.

My biggest inspiration are my family particularly my daughter (who is a budding fashionista) I want her to be proud, to see that women, despite their fears, the economic climate, the lack of confidence and / or the post baby weight can achieve and create their own future. Also my clients, I underestimated how much I would care about them and how well I would get to know them and hearing things like “you transformed my everyday life” really keeps me focused.

For a free consultation please contact me on 07980 789 602 or visit for more information.

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