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The Systems Bundle


 The challenge this month is to take some time to work ON your business, to perfect the systems and processes you have, so that everything can run more smoothly and efficiently. 


The systems bundle has been created by the wonderful Natasha Vorompiova, founder of SystemsRock.com. She is the go to gal for creating systems, getting organised and becoming productive and has helped countless entrepreneurs go from feeling swamped and overwhelmed to getting on top of everything. She has an amazing online program, which people rave about called Systematic Success, so if you’re planning on taking your systems to another level definitely check it out.

You can connect with Natasha over on her website www.systemsrock.com

Natasha will be available throughout the whole of August in the Facebook group to answer any questions you have on creating systems in your business.

step 1 lines

The first step you need to take when creating systems for your business is to map out all of the activities you do within the business. Use the resources below to help you with this.


business map cover

step 2 lines

sys vid

systems workbook cover


We also have a blank systems template for you to use to document all of the systems you create and an inspirational wallpaper for your desktop and phone! All you need to do is click on the image below, then right click on the image and save it. The easiest way to get it on your phone is to email the image to yourself (via an email you can access on your phone) and then save the image to your phone and upload it as your wallpaper from there.


iMac (1)

Phone (1)

community LINES Get involved with the community this month for help & support with creating your systems. We have a live Systems Class you can join us for and our featured expert for the month, Natasha Vorompiova will be answering all of your questions over in the Facebook group, so get mingling.

Click below to find out more about each one.





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