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Predictions For 2024 And How To Manifest Your Best Year Ever With Elizabeth Harper

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what the future holds, especially when everything seems to feel so chaotic around us? In this podcast episode, we’re diving into predictions for 2024 and chatting about ways to make it your most amazing and abundant year yet.

I’m sharing with you a chat I had with my good friend Elizabeth Harper – she’s a Clairvoyant and helps people to connect with their intuition, and she’s got some really powerful insights about what’s coming up for us in 2024.

I’ve always been a believer in the magic of intuition and the unseen forces that guide us in our entrepreneurial journey and personal lives. This episode is all about embracing that spiritual side and opening ourselves up to all the opportunities and amazing experiences that await us in 2024.

Elizabeth shares:

  • How to step into your truth and open yourself up to finding the right path for you
  • A review of 2023 through the lens of numerology
  • The energy of 2024 and her predictions for what’s coming up for us all from a numerology perspective
  • How we can raise our vibration as we go into 2024 and do more of what lights us up so that we can live more abundant lives

I hope this episode leaves you feeling inspired and ready for an exciting year ahead! 

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