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How To Balance Motherhood And Business

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If you have young kids, it can be such a struggle to figure out how you’re going to build your business and have the time for them too, without feeling frazzled and guilty all the time!

Juggling motherhood and building a business at the same time can be one of the biggest challenges we have to face as women, but that’s not to say it’s impossible.

There are some things you can do and some mindset shifts you can try that will help to make this season of your life a little bit easier to manage.

I’m by no means an expert about this, and there’s so much that I still need to figure out, but in this episode, I’d love to share the things that have helped me along the way, I hope they might make things easier for you too.

In this episode I’m sharing:

  • The big changes I made to my week to juggle motherhood and growing my business.
  • The choices you have to make to create life on your terms.
  • Setting non-negotiable boundaries for yourself and creating a schedule that works.
  • How to maximise the time you dedicate to your family and your business.

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