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How To Plan Your Best Quarter Ever

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I love October time because it’s so much fun to plan out the last quarter of the year!

This is something that’s so important for us to do, because it makes such a huge difference when you have a focused plan.

For a lot of us, we feel like we want to cram so much into quarter 4, and make lots of progress on our goals for the year; So it’s more important than ever to make sure we have a solid plan in place to help us make the most of it.

Here’s what I’m sharing in this episode:

  • My top book recommendation for getting organised in your business.
  • The steps I take to make sure my upcoming quarter is always better than the last one.
  • The best way to set goals for your quarter (and the common mistake you need to avoid).
  • How I turn my big goals into clear and actionable steps so I know what needs to be done, and when.
  • The 4 main things I focus on every single quarter in my business.

When you have this level of clarity, where everything is planned out and you know exactly what you need to work on, you’ll find it so much easier to make progress consistently.

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