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My 7-Step Ritual for Planning My Week

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Back in 2011 when I was dreaming of starting FEA and building it into a successful business, I decided to study other successful people to see what I could learn and how I could be like them.

I noticed that almost all of them had one thing in common…

They didn’t just dream about being successful… they planned for it.

So I started sitting down on a Sunday evening and getting really intentional about planning my week ahead, and in this episode I’m going to share my exact process with you!

Tune in now to find out:

  • How I use my planner to map out my weeks and months
  • My simple system for breaking down big long-term goals into smaller, more manageable tasks
  • How I avoid getting distracted and make sure I’m focusing on the right things

I hope you enjoy this episode and that it gives you some ideas for how you can set yourself up for a successful week, so that you can stay on track and make amazing progress.

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