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How to Live Your Life by Design, Not Default

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‘Ten years from now, you will surely arrive. The question is… where?’

When I first read those words by Tony Robbins many years ago, it was like a light switch went on in my head. At that moment, I realised I had no clue where I was going in life.

I was living life by default, going along with whatever came my way.

I realised I had never sat down and actually thought about where I wanted to go and how I wanted my life to turn out.

The clarity I got from this realisation was life-changing. It made me start showing up differently and making decisions that aligned with who I wanted to become. Fast forward to today and I’m living the life I always wanted for myself, all because I decided what my dream life looked like and took action to shape it that way.

Every single one of us has the power to do this, so if you want to get more intentional about the life you’re creating for yourself, then tune into this week’s episode — I’m sharing 3 simple questions that will help you get the clarity you need to start living your life by design, not default.

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