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What to Do When You Hate Creating Content for Your Business

Love it or hate it, content creation is a huge part of growing your business — but that doesn’t mean you have to jump on every trend or force yourself to create content you don’t enjoy. So in this episode I’m sharing some fun things you can try if you feel stuck and you hate creating content.

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Back in the early days of building the Female Entrepreneur Association, I didn’t feel confident enough to share my own content. I thought to myself, ‘Who am I to share this? Who’s going to listen to me?’

But I knew that if I wanted to grow my business, I’d have to find a way to make content creation feel fun and enjoyable for me… so I tried something a little bit unconventional and my business took off in a way I never could have imagined! 

I was able to move past the fear and insecurity and everything else that was holding me back, and I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it in this week’s episode :)

So, whether you hate creating content for your business or you just don’t know what to share, this episode will give you loads of ideas and inspiration for creating content in a way that aligns with your mission and feels good for you!

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