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4 Steps to Make Fast Progress on Your Business Idea

Welcome to the third episode in this brand new series where I’m sharing my experience of going from an idea to building a successful business and I’m showing you how you can do it, too!

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In last week’s episode, I shared how I procrastinated for 3 whole years before I finally had the courage to take action on my idea and launch the Female Entrepreneur Association.

I know how it feels to have exciting ideas but feel so stuck overthinking everything and going round in circles.

So how do you get your ideas out of your head and turn them into something that feels tangible and real? How do you make quick progress so that you don’t stay stuck?

In this week’s episode I’m sharing the 4 simple steps you need to take to get your idea officially up and running (this is exactly what I did when I was getting started with FEA… #2 is a game-changer!!)

By the end of this episode you’ll have so much more clarity about what you need to do next and a simple and clear plan to start making progress on your idea.

So now that you’ve taken the first few steps, then what?! What do you do next? What do you actually need to do to build some momentum and really get going with this? Tune into next week’s episode to find out!

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