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How to Come Up With YOUR Online Business Idea

So many of us never take action on our dreams, simply because we have this idea in our heads that we need to have it all figured out. We tell ourselves that we don’t know enough, that we’re not qualified enough, or that it’s not the right time. Some of us spend so much time agonising over ‘finding our purpose’ that life passes us by and our dreams fizzle out… this is so sad!!

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But guess what? You don’t need to have a perfect idea to start a business. You don’t need to have it all figured out from the get-go. All you need to do is tap into what’s already within you and have the courage to just go for it.

Explore. Experiment. Play around with ideas until one sticks.

Give yourself permission to be messy and imperfect while you figure things out. That’s the only way you’re ever going to make progress!

Back when I started FEA, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what it would become. I definitely didn’t have a clear roadmap with everything perfectly plotted out. All I had was an idea and I went round in circles with it for years, battling imposter syndrome until one day I decided to just run with it and see what happened.

If I had waited for the ‘perfect’ idea to come along, then who knows where I’d be or what I’d be doing now!

So if you’ve got lots of ideas for a business but you’re worried you’ll pick the ‘wrong’ one, don’t be! I tried out loads of different things (most of them pretty boring!) and learned sooo much about building a business by just playing around and making mistakes.

To help you narrow down your ideas, here are some questions I want you to ask yourself:

  1. What are five things you love?
  2. What are five things you’re skilled at?
  3. What advice do people come to you for?
  4. If a genie could grant you a wish to build you a wildly successful business, what would you build?
  5. If you had twelve months left to live, what would you do? What would you focus on?

Don’t think too much about these — just jot down whatever comes to mind and then spend some time reflecting on your answers. This should make things a lot clearer for you :)

I really hope you find this episode helpful! There are so many possibilities and opportunities out there, and once you get out of your own way you can make the most amazing things happen.

In next week’s episode we’ll dive deeper into overcoming imposter syndrome, so don’t miss it!


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