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Making Your First $100k With an Online Course

If you have loads of knowledge and expertise in a particular area, or if you’ve experienced something that transformed your life and you’d love to help others do the same, then you have an amazing opportunity to create a passive source of income with an online course!

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Here’s the thing… you don’t need to have a million qualifications to create a course. You just need to be a few steps ahead of the person you want to help (and willing to figure out how you’re going to do it!)

You need to take people on a journey from discovering you to falling in love with you and wanting to buy from you. Most of this is just practice — you need to get better and better at putting yourself out there, getting customers and building relationships with them.

You can become amazing at anything you put your mind to, so if you want to make $100k or $1 million or more with an online course, you are 100% capable of achieving your goal!

To figure out where you’re at in the $100k framework, take our quiz and we’ll send you a tailored plan for success!

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