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How to Not Lose Your Mind on Social Media

Social media can be an amazing tool for connecting with your audience and expanding your visibility, but what happens when you’ve fallen out of love with it… or you just plain hate it and want nothing to do with it?!

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All you want to do is talk about the things you love and connect with people who are interested in what you have to say, but it can seem like the only way to stand out online is to hop on the latest trends and do what everyone else is doing.

If you’re like me and you know you need to be on social media, but dancing and pointing at things doesn’t make you feel good, then I’ve got some amazing ideas and tips for you in this blog post!

TIP 1: Follow your heart, not what’s trending

Look at the accounts you follow that you genuinely like. What do you like about them? Why do you save/bookmark their content?

For me, I noticed that most of the people whose content I bookmarked had one thing in common: they were showing up as themselves and just sharing really valuable information. That made me feel confident that I didn’t need to go along with the trends in order to help people and provide value.

So my best advice for you is to follow your heart and create content from that place. Get really clear on what you want to say and how you want to connect with your audience. I promise things will feel so much easier when you’re creating from a place of authenticity and not forcing yourself to be someone you’re not!

TIP 2: Give yourself permission to show up imperfectly

It’s easy to look at other people’s content and think that you need to create perfectly polished, professional videos… but you don’t! Of course you can if you want to, but if that’s not your style then just post real, unpolished, imperfect content — the kind of video you’d send to a friend.

People often respond better to this type of video because they’re sick of all the fake stuff that’s all over social media — they want to see the real you!

TIP 3: Experiment to find what works best for you

It can take a long time to build momentum on social media, so if you’re going to keep it up you need to find what works for you.

You could try podcasting as a way to channel your messaging without the distraction of being on camera.
You could pick up your phone and film yourself sharing one tip that you know your audience is going to relate to. No editing, no studio lighting — just you being your authentic self and sharing valuable information.
If you don’t feel comfortable showing your face just yet, you could start by sharing inspirational quotes as Reels.

Just play around and test loads of different ideas until you find a way to show up consistently and actually feel good about it. There’s no one right way to master social media, so find what works for you, stick with it and soon you’ll start to see results.

BONUS TIP: Unfollow people who don’t make you feel good

Scrolling on social media can make you feel anxious, emotionally drained, and completely inadequate… OR it can make you feel motivated and inspired, depending on who you follow! So go through the list of accounts you follow and remove any that don’t make you feel good or deliver any real value in their posts. You’ll feel so much better when your feed is full of useful information and people you can relate to.

I hope this episode helps you to see that you can be successful on social media without trying to be someone you’re not!

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