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How I Made My First $100K (and How You Can Too)

What does it take to make the money you want? How do you get people to buy from you? What does that journey look like? Today I’m breaking down how I made my first $100k and sharing the key steps that can help you do it too.

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Step 1: Get discovered

Figure out how you’re going to get your very first customer, and then get really good at getting more!

For me, it started with a phone unlocking business back in 2005. Did I know anything about phone unlocking? No. Did I know anything about running a business? Also no! But I was determined to figure it out, and that was the very first piece of the puzzle.

I decided to focus on getting really good at one thing—Google Adwords—and doing that helped me to drive traffic to my website. I learned how to get people to buy a phone unlocking code from me, and then I learned how to repeat the process. That’s how I made my first $100k!

Step 2: Get people to fall in love with you

Figure out how you’re going to build your audience and get people really excited about what you’re doing.

I launched the FEA membership in 2013, and I focused on two key things: building my email list and growing my social media presence. I knew if I could get people excited about what I was doing and what I had to say, then I could build a successful business. So I focused on building an audience of people who loved what I was about and wanted to come along on the journey with me.

Just like with the phone unlocking business, I figured out how to get really good at getting members — first getting them to engage with me, then nurturing them and building trust so that when I presented my offer to them, they were ready for it and it was the next logical step for them to join the membership.

Step 3: Work on your confidence

This is such an important step because so often, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.

When I started FEA I had so much imposter syndrome and it held me back from really putting myself out there. If I could go back and start again, I’d do things wildly differently than I did the first time around!

For starters, I would create a framework for myself and then reach out to people to see if it’s something they would want and if I could really help people with this idea. The difference is that I didn’t have the confidence in myself to do that back then. If you can work on this early on it’ll have such a massive impact on your business growth.

Step 4: Become amazing at one thing at a time

Anyone can become amazing at launching or building sales funnels, or whatever it is… but the question is, will you do it?

My best advice is to keep it simple — know what your customer journey looks like and focus on getting really good at one thing at a time. Think about how you’re going to get people to discover you. Will you concentrate on growing your social media following, or will you start networking like mad and making new connections? Then how are you going to nurture those people so that when you introduce your offer, they’re ready to buy from you?

Once you get comfortable with the process of getting customers, then you can start using ads and refining your strategy over time. When you do it one step at a time and don’t overcomplicate things, then it doesn’t feel like so much of a struggle. You’re always building on the last thing you learned, and that’s how you’re going to get to your first $100k… and then the next… and then the next!

There are even more helpful tips and strategies in this week’s episode, so be sure to check it out below!

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