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My Best Tips For Balancing Motherhood And Business

A question recently came in from one of our Members’ Club members and I really wanted to talk about it in this episode. She asked, “How do you juggle the mental load and stress of running a business with motherhood and family life?”

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I know that so many of us are in that place where we’re trying to juggle everything and wondering what’s the best way to balance it all.

The thing is I don’t really know if you can truly balance it all. I think that’s just extra pressure we put on ourselves to be “perfect” every day in every area of our lives.

On its own growing a business can already be so incredibly difficult and overwhelming, so in this episode I wanted to share the things I found worked for me when it comes to balancing motherhood and family life with trying to grow a business.

Building a business and having a growing family is always going to be a messy, imperfect journey – but it’s also incredible and magical.

With the right perspective, attitude, support and intentions, we can all show up as our best selves and make the most of these amazing gifts we’ve been given.

If you have any more great tips on how you manage motherhood and a growing business, send me a DM on Instagram @iamcarrigreen I’d love to hear your experiences!

And if you want more amazing parenting tips, check out Dr Becky At Good Inside.

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