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3 Tips To Try When Your Business Isn’t Making Money

When you first start a business and that business isn’t making money yet, it’s so easy to feel like a failure. Like you will never be able to create success.

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So many entrepreneurs feel like this, and so many quit because of it. But this is when we need to be our strongest and find a way to push through. 

I know a lot of us can relate to a post someone shared inside our Members’ Club Facebook group last week: 

“I don’t have a business…

I decided to take the time to grow my audience…I write blogs and share content on social media…

During that time, I am not making money… so I don’t have a business… so I am not the CEO I wish I was…

I am basically a content maker…shameful, isn’t it? Because I feel I am stealing time from my family and I don’t bring money (yet).”

If you’re in this situation, I made this episode because I want to help you to hang in there, see the way through and get clear on how you can actually start making the money that you want.

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