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How To Create Engaging Content And Stop Feeling Unheard With Brandon Lucero

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With so much content being constantly created and more businesses and entrepreneurs coming online, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, even if you’re really good at what you do. 

Now more than ever, so many entrepreneurs are blending in online rather than standing out with their content, even if they are amazing at what they do.

Maybe you’re putting all this effort into creating great content, only to end up feeling like no one is paying attention to you or engaging with you. 

And it’s so tempting to give up when you’re in that space – The content circle of death!

Which is why I’m really excited to share this episode of the She Means Business Show with you, where I’m chatting to the amazing Brandon Lucero.

He helps entrepreneurs dial in their messaging and stand out online by creating engaging content and in this episode we chat about:

  • Why just creating “how to” and educational content won’t help you stand out (and what to do instead).
  • The 3 things your content needs to achieve to catch people’s attention and ultimately get them to buy from you.
  • How to tweak your titles and your content to attract your dream customers. 

There’s so many amazing nuggets of wisdom and great tips in this episode – I hope you love it!

And if you would love more help with your messaging, join Brandon for his free 3-day live experience Master Your Messaging.

Follow Brandon on Instagram @iambrandlucero here >

Listen to Brandon’s podcast The New Generation Entrepreneur here >

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