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How 3 Amazing Women Turned Their Ideas Into Income

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When we start out building our business, we feel like we should just naturally know everything that goes into it and every single step to take.

Most of us just try to figure everything out by ourselves but we just end up spinning our wheels, going round in circles and battling with the emotional ups and downs of it all.

It’s why so many amazing women with incredible ideas never manage to make progress and make it to the finish line.

I myself sat on my idea of creating a membership for women in business for ages. Not knowing exactly what to do stopped me from taking any action at all.

After years, I finally got out of my own way and launched.

And after launching it I realised that once you know how to do it… once you know how to create courses and memberships and make them successful… once you know what it takes to build a successful business, it’s a gamechanger and your mindset completely shifts.

So in this special episode, I have 3 amazing stories from 3 women who joined us for our 12-week Create & Sell program that takes people from having an idea to create a course or membership… to actually creating it, launching it, getting it out there and making sales.

I chat to:

  • Kim Foster who created her program for coaches and made $30,000 in her launch week during Create & Sell.
  • Emily Brandenburg who went from working all hours of the day and feeling burnt out… to launching her Instagram course and transforming her mindset and self-confidence.
  • Tara Manna-Beatty who finally launched her 6-week course thanks to Create & Sell after 8 years of feeling stuck, constantly starting new ideas and never finishing them.

No matter how long you’ve been sitting on your ideas, this year can be your year to make something amazing happen and you can make massive progress if you decide now to take action.

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