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7 Lessons I Learned From Growing My Team

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A lot of us as entrepreneurs tend to be creative, ideas people. But you reach a point in your business when you can no longer do everything yourself and you have to hire people to help you. 

Apart from the challenge of finding the right people, growing a team also means putting systems in place, creating structures to make everything work, managing boundaries, expectations, emotions, conflicts and so much more.

It also means that you naturally have to shift away from focusing on the creative side of your business and more towards figuring out the operational and people management side instead.

So many entrepreneurs struggle with this when they first start growing their team, and when other people are involved, mistakes you make don’t only impact you, but your team members too.

So in this episode I’m sharing with you the biggest mistakes I’ve made over the past few years of growing my team and the 7 biggest lessons I learned that I know will be really helpful for you if you’re looking to hire new people into your business.

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