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How To Get Your Business Ideas Out Of Your Head

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If you have a dream, idea or desire to create something amazing such as a book, a course, a membership or anything where you are making money doing something you love, and you just feel hopeless, in despair, like you’re not getting anywhere, this episode is for you!

It feels dreadful to be stuck in that place, but I also know how to break through to the other side, tap into your zone of genius, get into the flow and succeed in what you dream of doing!

I want to share with you my best tips for doing this. I’ve been stuck in the “valley of despair” so many times, but over the years there are a few things I’ve learned to do that make all the difference!

So in this episode I wanted to chat to you about:

  • The entry I wrote in my journal in February 2016 talking about how I was driving myself to despair over writing my book, She Means Business. 
  • How I compare the effort of bringing my ideas to life to giving birth to a baby!
  • Why feeling like you’re in the valley of despair is actually a really good sign.
  • The first thing I always do when I start procrastinating and feel stuck in a rut. 
  • My simple trick for tapping into your zone of genius.
  • The tiny secret to making big progress. 

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