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How To Increase Click-Throughs From Your Instagram Posts

You spend so much time creating content on Instagram – but no one seems to be clicking through to your website or taking the action you want them to take and it can feel so frustrating!

So I wanted to share a really simple, quick tip that will make a massive difference.

When you post to your main feed on Instagram (whether that’s a photo, inspirational quote, video or a graphic), you have the option of adding multiple photos in a carousel to the same post. 

Inspirational quotes, images, graphics are amazing and tend to get a lot of engagement but sadly they don’t seem to generate many click-throughs.

What you can do is to add another image to that same post that tells people how you can help them. This could be:

  • Explaining to people how you can help them
  • Pointing them to your link in bio
  • Giving them a call to action 
  • Promoting your shop

After that, the following image could be a testimonial that shows people social proof of how amazing you are and how much people love your business, your brand and what you offer.

Adding these few images as a carousel to each of your feed posts has the potential of hugely increasing your click-throughs or the action people take from your Instagram posts.

We tested this on our own @femaleentrepreneurassociation account and saw a huge increase in click-throughs and actions taken by our followers! 

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