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Worried no one will buy? Do these 4 things!

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A lot of us get hung up on the fear that no one will buy from us, that we don’t know how to find our ideal customers and that have no idea how to sell

If you’re feeling scared that no one will buy from you, you’re not alone because the majority of us have this fear!

Back when I started the Members’ Club I was terrified that no one would want to join, that I would be doing all that work for nothing and that I would never manage to make it a success. 

Even being unsure about what price to charge kept me stuck and feeling overwhelmed for so long!

I know that when it comes to selling we get all these mindset blocks that slow us down and even completely derail us!

Which is why in this episode I’m sharing:

  • Why confidence has nothing to do with it, and what you need to focus on instead.
  • The money mindset shift you need to make that will help you feel less salesy.
  • How to prove to yourself that people will buy from you. 
  • How to look behind the scenes of your competitors’ businesses, see what they are selling and what’s working.
  • What you need to do to get better at selling.

If you’d love more help turning your ideas into income and creating something amazing that you can sell online then you have to join my Create & Sell Challenge, which starts today!!

Click to join us before we start!

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