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How To Work Less And Achieve More

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So many of us are addicted to being busy.

We chase that feeling of doing a lot of stuff, even if all that hard work is not actually creating great results. 

Time management is a big deal for any business owner and I get asked a lot about how I manage my time effectively since I’m juggling children and family life while also building a business.

And while I know that it can be so crazy and overwhelming to have another major priority in your life outside of your business, I recently had a mindset shift that has changed a lot for me.

I have been looking at my time management and what I choose to focus on during the week in a really different way lately.

So I wanted to share this big shift in realisation with you because I know it’s going to help you to look at your time and what you’re working on from a new perspective! 

In this episode I share with you:

  • What my working life looked like before I had children (and why having more time didn’t necessarily mean I was being more productive).
  • The difference between feeling busy and feeling accomplished.
  • How I divide my time between business and spending quality time with my children.
  • How to use your time more wisely so that you can work less and achieve better results.  
  • Why the way you feel is more important than managing your time or being “productive”.

I hope you love this episode and if you would love to learn more about yourself and your entrepreneurial style, I’ve got a really fun quiz that’s going to help you discover what kind of entrepreneur you are and the best game plan for you to follow!

You can take that quiz right here >>>

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