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How To Use Anxiety, Fear And Guilt To Your Advantage

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If you struggle to deal with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, fear and guilt, especially if you’re building a business while also juggling motherhood, then look no further than this episode!

In it, I’m joined by the amazing Heather Chauvin, host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast and author of the new book, Dying To Be A Good Mother.

In this episode, we cover so much and Heather shares so many amazing tips around the struggles of being a mum, building a business, overcoming anxiety and guilt, feeling good enough and trusting yourself.

Throughout the episode we chat about:

  • Heather’s story of becoming a mum at 18 and overcoming the thoughts of not feeling good enough.
  • The life-saving lesson Heather learned from being diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.
  • Ways to use anxiety and guilt to your advantage.
  • Trusting yourself over advice from the outside world.
  • Finding the courage to take action in alignment with how you want to feel.
  • Building confidence in yourself.

This is such a powerful episode and I hope you manage to find power in trusting yourself, using difficult emotions to your advantage and tapping into the power of your intuition!

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