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Ask Carrie: How To Come Up With A Business Idea That You Can Start From Home

In this episode I’m answering a question I get asked all the time! 

How do I come up with a profitable idea so that I can start a business from the comfort of my home?

I’m going to share with you 4 powerful questions that you can ask yourself to help get your ideas flowing, and to help you to see what ideas you could really turn into a successful business.

Getting Clear On Your Skills

Firstly, I want you to get a pen and a piece of paper, and I want you to make a list of 10 skills that you have. 

For me, some of the skills on that list would be: 

  • I can play the piano.
  • I can make videos.
  • I can start a podcast.
  • I can write a book.

So what are the skills that you have? From big skills to really small skills, we all have skills.

But so often we don’t acknowledge our own skills or we think everyone has the same skills as us, which is not the case.

Try this exercise for a few minutes and get into the flow of writing them out. 

Finding Ways You Can Be Of Service

Now the second thing I want you to do is to write a list of 10 ways you could be of service to somebody.

For me, some of the ways that I could be of service would be: 

  • Teaching someone how to start a podcast. 
  • Teaching someone how to create videos

So if, for example, you’re really good at cooking, you can be of service by teaching someone how to become a great cook.

Another way to ask yourself this question is to think, what do people often come to you for help with? Do you find that people ask you questions on the same topic? What topic feels like your zone of genius? 

Reflecting On Past Experiences 

The next question I want you to ask yourself is this: What are some experiences you’ve had in your lifetime that you think would be amazing and powerful to relate to other people?

It might be a transformation that you’ve had, something that’s happened to you, a situation that you’ve experienced, or a challenge you had to overcome. 

Have a think about experiences you’ve had that would be really valuable to share and that

you think could help or impact other people in a positive way. 

In my case, that experience was creating my Mission: Success Challenge when I started

the Female Entrepreneur Association, which was my story of trying to figure out how I could get out of my own way to create success. 

That is an experience I’ve shared over and over and over again and that has helped and inspired so many people.

So are there any experiences that you could share? Have a think and write them down.

Making The Most Of Your Passions

The 4th step is to really think about your passions. 

What do you love? What lights you up? What do you enjoy talking about? What are you interested in? 

Take some time to dig deep and write everything down, even if it seems unrelated to starting your business.

Next Steps

Once you finish these 4 exercises, you should have 4 pieces of paper or 4 lists of different things:  

  • Skills and things you’re good at.
  • Ways you can be of service.
  • Experiences that you’ve had in your life.
  • Things you’re passionate about.

So once you’ve got all those things, start going through and circling the things that you feel drawn to, that could really work as a business idea.

When you’re done, whittle them down to your top 5 and then from there, just think about the ideas (or one idea) you would love to explore further.

How can you turn that idea into something you could sell online?

Could it be sold as a digital product? A PDF workbook? A mini-course? A service?

Just lean into your ideas and think of the possibilities. 

Do Your Research

Once you’ve got your ideas, just go online and just start exploring other people who might be doing something in a similar industry. 

Do some research on Pinterest, Google and YouTube and see, for those particular topics or skill sets, what comes up.

This is such a powerful exercise to do that will help you to tap into the power of you, especially if you’re dreaming of building a business from home.

This is about tapping into your own experiences, your skills, your knowledge, your expertise and finding anything that could be of value to other people.

It’s okay to come up with a million ideas. It is okay to allow yourself to just open up and to allow all the ideas to flow… the crazy ideas and even the unrealistic ones! It’s all amazing. Don’t filter yourself and don’t stop yourself from being creative and allowing yourself to think big!

I hope you enjoyed this episode and that these questions help to crack you open and really get those ideas flowing!

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