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How To Build A Brand Your Audience Will Love With Jennifer Kem

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Building a successful business isn’t just about creating one-time transactions.

It’s about designing experiences and evoking emotions that make your audience fall in love with what your business is all about and keep customers coming back.

Which is why I’m so excited for this episode of the She Means Business show with the amazing Jennifer Kem!

Jen is a genius when it comes to brand strategy and she’s worked with amazing brands such as the Oprah Winfrey Network, Nestle and Verizon!

In this episode we talk about how:

  • Jen’s early career and the moment she decided to leave the corporate world and own her destiny.
  • Her first experience as an entrepreneur – losing everything in the 2008 financial crash and creating success all over again.
  • Why building a brand is an amazing way to future-proof your business.
  • What brand strategy actually means for business owners and the difference between branding and marketing.
  • Why customer experience plays such an important part of your brand strategy.
  • How to do market and customer research that will help you to start a strong brand.
  • Communicating your brand and selling through storytelling.
  • How to build your own story bank and a 30 day story challenge that will help you to use storytelling more effectively in your business.

If you love this episode and you’re excited to build your brand, but you keep feeling stuck because fear is holding you back from really putting your business out there – I’ve got a special invitation for you!

This week we’re doing the Fearless 2021 Challenge with over 17,000 amazing women from all over the world coming together to become our most fearless and powerful selves for 2021!

If you’d love to feel confident, fearless and totally ready to get your business out there – there’s still time to join us!

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Want to learn more and connect with Jennifer Kem?

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