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How To Write Copy That Converts For Your Evergreen Funnel

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Your brand, business and offers come to life online through the words you use.

Which is why as entrepreneurs, one thing we all have to learn how to do really well is copywriting.

If you’ve been wanting to set up an evergreen funnel or you’ve been optimising an existing one, you know what a big part copywriting plays in the success of that funnel. 

In this episode of the She Means Business Show I’m joined by the amazing Prerna Malik, conversion copywriter and co-founder of The Content Bistro. 

She has written copy for top entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield and Vanessa Lau, and in this episode she’s sharing:

  • What an evergreen funnel is and why it’s so powerful for creating sales on autopilot.
  • Her business journey from mummy blog to copywriting and how she worked with amazing entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield.
  • Her B.A.K.E. framework for writing copy that converts at every stage of your evergreen funnel. 
  • The biggest mistakes that keep entrepreneurs stuck when it comes to finding success with evergreen.
  • Why you need to ask your audience for the sale multiple times and how to use different messaging. 
  • The types of stories you should be sharing with your audience. 
  • One thing to keep in mind to make writing copy so much easier and more authentic.

I hope you love this episode and that it gives you loads of ideas to uplevel your copywriting and your evergreen funnel!

If you’d love more support with writing copy for your evergreen funnel, Prerna has also created an amazing masterclass for our Members’ Club diving into all the steps of her copywriting framework!

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