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How To Lead Your Business Like A CEO with Racheal Cook

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As entrepreneurs and visionaries, one of the most important qualities we need to have is the ability to be flexible in our thinking, our actions and our plans as things change around us (which happens all the time!).

In this episode I’m joined by the amazing Racheal Cook, founder of CEO Collective, as we chat about her journey from starting her first business, to the success she has created by navigating change in her business like a CEO.

In this conversation Racheal and I chat about:

  • How she left the corporate job that burnt her out and leapt into entrepreneurship.
  • The first business she started and how it has evolved and changed from there thanks to the feedback she got from her audience.
  • How Racheal crafted her message and her offers around the needs of her dream customers.
  • How she focused on results and serving her audience rather than the ideas, strategies or advice from other people in the industry.
  • Why 90 day planning works so well and how to set goals you’ll actually achieve.
  • Why we all need to overcome perfection and just share the crappy first draft of our offer with the world.
  • How Racheal only works 25 hours per week in her business and how she redefined her role as CEO.

Racheal is also the creator of two of our most popular masterclasses inside the Members’ Club: Live Your Dream Life Now and Lead Your Business like A CEO.

Find out more about the Members’ Club and Racheal’s masterclasses right here >>>

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