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The Power Of Packages: From $75,000 In Debt To Building A 7-Figure Business With Gina DeVee

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My amazing friend Gina DeVee is taking over this episode of the She Means Business Show and if you’re a coach or service-based entrepreneur, you’re going to love it!

Gina is the founder of Divine Living and she’s an expert when it comes to creating and selling high-end packages for consistently profitable months.

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If you’re interested in adding packages to your current business or even if you’re just starting out, in this episode Gina will show you how doable it really is and how any coach or service-based business can follow this formula for impact, income stability and success.

In this episode Gina shares:

  • Her journey from being a broke, struggling psychotherapist (with $75,000 of debt!) to building a multi-million dollar business through high-end packages.
  • Why being scared to raise her prices and charge her worth was actually doing a disservice to her clients.
  • How she created her first packages, raised her prices and started generating even better results and transformations along the way.
  • Why excessively over-delivering doesn’t really add more value.
  • How she tried to manifest $30,000 (and ended up manifesting $60,000 instead!).
  • How one of her clients went from charging $42 to $5,000 with a perfectly put-together package.

Gina has so many amazing, fun stories and this episode is such an eye-opener to the power of packages!

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Free 5 day challenge

Gina will be giving 5 live training sessions inside our pop-up Facebook Group and helping you understand where you can start with packages, how to get to $10k months, how to know what to charge and how to find your ideal clients.

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