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How To Create More Abundance in Your Life

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At 27 years old and addicted to being busy, Heather was sadly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

But this was also the start of the transformation she needed and the journey that has led her to recovery, abundance, alignment and successful business that impacts so many women around the world.

For this episode I’m joined by the amazing Heather Chauvin, who teaches women all about claiming an abundant life in the context of business and money and is also the host of the Mom Is In Control podcast.

In our chat, Heather and I talk about:

  • What Heather promised herself when she found out she was pregnant at 18, what she learned from her son and how that led to her first digital product a few years later.
  • The “A-HA” moment she had when she was diagnosed with cancer, how it helped her really listen to her own self and how that experience shaped her journey and her business.
  • Why she realised she had to stop just learning about personal development and switch to actually doing and becoming that person.
  • How we can reverse engineer our goals and dreams to experience them in our present life.
  • What you need to do to claim more abundance in your life and your business and manifest more of what you want.

Links & Resources

Heather Chauvin’s TEDx Talk: Dying To Be A Good Mother

Mom Is In Control Podcast

Instagram: @heatherchauvin

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