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Why “unbecoming” is essential to creating the success we dream of

(Watch the video version below)

If we already have everything we need within us to live our best lives and create the success we dream of… why do so few people ever go on to create huge success in their lives?

Most of us want to build a successful business because we want to find more meaning in our lives, feel more fulfilled, create more abundance and have more freedom.

But so often we get stuck because our dreams meet this huge resistance inside ourselves.
We spiral into a place of frustration and procrastination, knowing deep down that there’s so much success we want to make happen… but the more we push, the less it seems to be happening.

So how do you actually get into a state where abundance, ideas, inspiration, motivation and opportunity flow to you with more ease?

It starts with this idea of “unbecoming”, so in this episode I share with you:

  • The lies I kept telling myself that stopped me from pursuing my idea to create FEA for 3 whole years, and the realisation I had that then changed everything.
  • Why “unbecoming” is such an important first step to creating success.
  • The questions you really need to ask yourself to get clear on what’s holding you back from making your dreams happen and stopping abundance from flowing into your life.
  • The kind of empowering thoughts and mantras we all need to tell ourselves on a daily basis to elevate our lives.

I love talking about this stuff because it completely transformed my life and I speak to so many entrepreneurs who credit their success to this same thing!

It would be amazing to hear your experiences: If you’ve ever felt completely stuck as you were working on your goals and then went through a transformation because you did the inner work, share your story in the comments below!

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