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Building A Community Rather Than A Business: How Allie Casazza Went From Overwhelmed Mum To 7-Figure Success Story

Before 2015, Allie Casazza was an overwhelmed mum of 4, battling to get through every day, counting the minutes until bedtime and dreading having to start all over again the next morning.

The advice she was getting that “you’ll just get through it” just wasn’t the way Allie wanted to show up in her life and her motherhood.

Allie says that one day she stood in her driveway in the mountains of Arkansas, hating her life and struggling to make ends meet and just chose to step into a different energy.

She decided what was going to happen in her life and believed with certainty that success was hers for the taking.

Since then Allie has built a multiple 7-figure business and she’s even had a $70,000 day selling a $99 product!

Allie is the host of The Purpose Show podcast, which has over 6 million downloads and also runs a Facebook Group of over 50,000 highly engaged women!

The main thing that Allie says has helped her achieve huge success in her business has been her ability to grow an engaged community of super fans who absolutely love what she does.

So in this episode, Allie shares her 5-Part Party Cocktail, which is her fun framework for building a tribe of ideal customers.

And definitely stay till the end, as we chat about the power of visualisation, which also played a huge part in Allie’s transformation and success!

In this episode Allie and I talk about:

  • The struggle behind why Allie built her business, how she got started and the viral post that helped her gain traction.
  • Allie’s first ebook, which barely made enough sales to pay a single utility bill!
  • How Allie created her first successful course by studying and working with her audience.
  • The importance of focusing on building and serving a community, rather than focusing on starting a business.
  • Allie’s 5-Part Party Cocktail strategy for growing an engaged community of super fans.
  • How Allie uses this framework to create engaging content that speaks to her audience on a really deep level and helps them move the needle in their life.
  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from selling through your free content.
  • How to stop attracting random followers and speak directly to your ideal customers instead.
  • The power of visualization and the ability we have to choose our energy, take control of our mindset and become a magnet that people are attracted to.

Links & Resources

The Purpose Show podcast with Allie Casazza

How Getting Rid Of My Stuff Saved My Motherhood – The viral post that launched Allie’s business

Instagram: @allie_thatsme


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