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Launching Successfully To A Small Audience: How Michelle Made $16K In 2 Weeks

(You can watch the video version below if you prefer.)

One of the biggest misconceptions about having a successful launch is that you need a huge audience of thousands of email subscribers and social media followers.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

My amazing friend Michelle is proof of this, having scaled her business to six figures over the past few years with a small audience and no paid ads.

Her story shows what’s possible for all of us when we just find the courage to stop hiding and put ourselves out there, even when we only have a small audience.

In this episode, Michelle Rohr, who is the founder of the Secret Owl Society, shares behind the scenes of her most recent launch.

Along with her business partner Aimee, Michelle recently launched her newest product to an email list of just 3,800 subscribers and an Instagram following of 2,000 followers.

Selling a simple $50 digital template kit with a $7 order bump, they generated $16,000 in revenue within a few weeks and the orders just keep coming in!

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In this episode we talk about:

  • 2:28: Michelle’s decision to delete most of her 10,000 email subscribers and how this helped her pivot her strategy and change her mindset.
  • 4:29: Why you should focus on customer value rather than the size of your audience and how to create a value ladder for your customers.
  • 5:51: Launching a minimum viable product with a simple launch plan and how this is helping Michelle attract new buyers that might have been on the fence.
  • 8:20: How Michelle generated $2000 within a few hours of launching by creating urgency and encouraging people to make a purchase decision.
  • 13:58: The simple strategy Michelle uses to build an engaged community and nurture relationships with paying customers after they have purchased from her.
  • 17:00: The importance of focusing on quality and engagement rather than quantity when it comes to your audience and email list.
  • 20:00: Why it’s so important that you step up and into the shoes of the leader of your community and the effect this can have on your business and your revenue.
  • 28:32: How personal development plays a major role in shaping your business strategy and how finding your voice and being authentic is a lot more effective than doing things “the conventional way”.
  • 37:57: The importance of showing up and sharing your story and your message even if you sell products.

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Michelle shared so much incredible value throughout this episode – let me know in the comments below which of her nuggets of wisdom resonated most with you!

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