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How To Create A Simple Membership Site And Make It Successful, Even With A Small Audience

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I always look back and think to myself that starting a membership site was probably the best decision I ever made for my business.

I’m really passionate about this topic because creating this recurring revenue stream has helped me sustain a successful business for many years (through all the ups and downs) and completely transformed my life.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re on an income rollercoaster from month to month or like you’re constantly chasing the next sale, this episode is for you!

In it, I’m joined by my friend and mentor, Stu McLaren, creator of the incredible course, TRIBE, which teaches people how to build successful membership sites. When it comes to this stuff, Stu is definitely the #1 go-to person.

Back in 2015, I connected with Stu and worked with him to grow my membership site, The Members’ Club.

That very same year, Stu helped me triple the membership and my mind was blown by the incredible strategies he shared with me!

But one of the biggest hold-ups people have about starting a membership site is that they need a huge audience to make it successful or that they are going to be overwhelmed with all the content they need to create.

So in this episode, Stu dispels these two misconceptions and shares his tips for creating success while keeping it simple!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • 2:55: Why having a small audience actually gives you an advantage when it comes to launching a membership site.
  • 7:10: Why keeping your content quick and simple will actually help your members stay longer and achieve better results (and keep you off the constant content treadmill!)
  • 12:34: 4 content ideas that make up the Publisher Model, which will help you create content that is easy to digest for your members and that will help them take more action and generate more results.

This conversation with Stu is brimming with nuggets of wisdom, not just in terms of building a successful membership site, but also about understanding what type of content is most helpful for your audience (and it’s so much simpler than you think!). You’re going to love it!

And let me know in the comments below, have you ever thought of creating a membership site? And if you have but you feel stuck, what’s the number one thing holding you back?

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