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The Power Of The Small List: How A Small Email List Can Generate Huge Revenue And The Simple Steps To Getting Started


Building a Successful Email List

Having an email list is one of the biggest assets for your business. Even a really small list can be really powerful, so we’re talking about how a small list can actually translate into a lot of revenue and secondly, how you can actually get started with building a really successful email list.

When you’re just getting started and you’re building your email list from zero, it can feel really overwhelming, but building an email list can totally transform your business!

I went from having 0 subscribers to 200,000 subscribers and the impact that has had on my business has been absolutely massive.

Email marketing has been the number one revenue generator for the Female Entrepreneur Association, so today I want to share with you a short story that the one and only Amy Porterfield told in the masterclass she created exclusively for our Members’ Club.

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Amy Porterfield is incredible at teaching people how to build their email lists and she shares exactly what’s working in her business right now. In this masterclass she created exclusively for the Members’ Club, How To Hop Off The Struggle Train: List Building With Intention, Amy shares an experiment she tried out to prove the power of a small email list.

The Power of The Small Email List

Amy shares that she was getting ready for a presentation she was due to give on stage to 7,000 people, teaching list-building. Not only was it a large audience, but they were also very new to list-building.

Amy knew that they would have trouble buying into her teaching about the power of the small list, seeing as her list was sitting at 300,000 subscribers.

So she decided to try an experiment. A few days before the event, she emailed a segment of just 1,000 people on her list. She put together a $197 online workshop offer and sent out two emails about it to those 1,000 people.

Two emails over four days to 1,000 people… and that strategy generated $6,000 in revenue!

Amy’s experiment proved her point: you do not need a huge list to be successful with list-building. You can make money even with a list of just 1,000 people.

But even getting to your first 1,000 subscribers seems like a big deal when you’re sitting at zero or only have a few people on your list.

So here’s three tips to help you get started with building your successful and profitable email list:

Tip #1: Make it easy on yourself

I remember when someone told me at the very beginning of my business journey that I needed to build an email list. I had no idea what that even meant or where to start!

It felt so overwhelming and made me feel paralyzed because it seemed like there was so much to do.

In the end, I just made it easy for myself and started off with a really simple form on my website to attract subscribers.

I didn’t even have an email service provider at this point! I was just copying and pasting addresses into my own personal email and then emailing people whenever I thought I needed to.

After a while I discovered Mailchimp and from there I began to build an email list using a pop-up on my website that simply said “Sign up to receive a weekly dose of inspiration from me”. That was it!

The number one most important step you can take is to get started, so don’t let anything hold you back!

Just get started in the simplest way possible and then build and improve from there.

Tip #2: Get clear on what you’re going to be emailing to your list

Once you’re all set up to attract subscribers, the next step is to get clear on exactly what you’ll be emailing them on a weekly basis.

What types of emails will you send to your list to nurture those relationships and provide value?

Create a simple plan of what you could send out every week and remember that it doesn’t have to be some complicated piece of content, like a video, podcast or a really long blog.

You could simply send out a tip, an inspirational quote, a piece of advice or a story you can share that somehow provides value.

Once again, keeping things simple plays a huge part in rapidly creating success and then building on that.

Make this doable or you likely won’t do it consistently.

Tip #3: Tell people about your email list!

People actually need to know about your email list in order to want to join it!

Start out with a goal of getting 100 people on your list, even if this includes all of your family, friends and people who are not likely to be your customers.

Knowing that people are actually receiving and reading your emails, maybe even replying, is a hugely powerful mindset shift and builds momentum.

Just think about who might enjoy receiving your weekly email and then reach out to them and ask them to join and let them know what you’ll be sharing with them on a weekly basis.

Remember to just take it step by step

We all have to start out with a goal of getting our first 10 subscribers and then our first 100 and then 200 after that and so on.

So many of us never start because we’re on step one and we get frustrated that we’re not on step ten.

Make it as simple as possible for yourself, stay consistent, be patient and go through each step as it comes along and before you know it, you will have built a list of thousands of subscribers, potential customers and one of the most powerful and profitable assets for your business.

If you want more help building your email list from zero or you have an existing list and you’d love to skyrocket your momentum and growth, then you definitely need to check out Amy Porterfield’s amazing masterclass for the Members’ Club!

The power of a small list

The masterclass is called How To Hop Off The Struggle Train: List Building With Intention, and in it, Amy teaches her five-pillar framework for building your profitable email list in a simple but incredibly powerful way.

Make sure you drop a comment below and share with us your ultimate subscriber goal and how you’re planning on getting there.

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