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Working Full-Time And Building A Business On The Side with Caz Wilson

Many entrepreneurs start their business because they no longer feel happy and satisfied in their full-time jobs. And whilst the majority of people in the world probably dream of doing a job that fills them with purpose, joy and motivation, it takes courage, determination and hard work to actually do something about it!

In this episode, I’m joined by the amazing Caz Wilson, who is a social media strategist helping female entrepreneurs and small business owners find paying clients through social media. She also runs The Succes Recipes Podcast with her co-host, Josie.

Caz shares her story of starting her business on the side whilst working a full-time corporate job, and the journey she had to go through to make it happen and finally quit her job.

She says that once she discovered the Female Entrepreneur Association, her eyes were open to the possibilities and seeing all the members’ success stories gave her the inspiration and drive she needed to go for it.

In this podcast, Caz and I discuss:

  • How her entrepreneurial family taught her an entrepreneurial attitude from a young age.
  • How she moved to Las Vegas to start a corporate marketing job but soon realised that the corporate world did not suit her.
  • The mindset change she went through and how she started looking differently at the world of work.
  • The essential things she did to set herself up for success before she even started her business on the side.
  • How she managed her schedule building a business around her busy 9-5 and her family commitments.
  • How she feels now looking back and the challenges she had to overcome.
  • Where she started finding most of her clients.

Caz’s top tips for success are:

  • You can learn any strategy, but mindset is the thing that will make or break you!
  • Don’t wait until you have a business to start building your audience. You can start a Facebook page today! If you’re networking in Facebook Groups and putting yourself out there, people will look for you online, so make sure you’re sharing content and growing your audience. Share what you’re doing, build your audience and don’t give up!

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