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Reconnecting With Your Inner Wise Woman with Haulwen Nicholas

There’s no denying the powerful truth that we all have an intuitive, creative and incredibly capable “wise woman” within us. But in today’s fast-paced world, it’s so easy to lose touch with our true inner self and purpose.

In this episode of the She Means Business podcast I chat to the amazing Haulwen Nicholas, as she takes me through her journey of discovery and how she built and now runs two different businesses.

Haulwen is the founder of the Magical Mojo Coach, where she helps women to reconnect with their inner wise woman and find the magic and wonder in the world. Her second business is called The Packaging Oracle, where she helps big businesses and entrepreneurs make decisions about their packaging.

Haulwen is a member of our Members’ Club and she says that when she first joined, she found the inspiration she needed to launch her own business after burning out in the corporate world.

Her favourite part of being a member has been the community, where she’s made some great friends who she meets regularly. Haulwen says the Members’ Club has been an essential tool for her as being an entrepreneur can be such a lonely experience. The Members’ Club is that safe space where she can talk about her business with others who are on the same journey.

In this podcast, Haulwen and I discuss:

  • Her career in the packaging industry after studying Environmental Biology at University and how she saw this path as the perfect opportunity to help shape the industry to be more environmentally-friendly.
  • How burnout, dealing with several medical conditions, chronic pain and a highly stressful job left her desperate to escape her lifestyle.
  • How managing teams throughout her career helped her discover her love for coaching and training.
  • How training to become a coach also ended up becoming a journey of self-discovery for her.
  • The journey to launching her business and how she manages the struggle of running two businesses at the same time.
  • Why she made self-care her priority and how it helped her business blossom.
  • How reconnecting with her true self and her purpose helped her find her energy, good health and spirit again.
  • Why reconnecting with your inner wise woman is so essential to long-term wellbeing and success.

Haulwen’s top tips for success are:

  • Stay curious and recognise that the majority of things that make us who we are are free. We don’t need material possessions, it’s just about reconnecting with the world and people around us and loving ourselves more, which so many of us don’t do. When we start reconnecting with that inner voice, we suddenly start to realise what we truly love about our lives and the people around us.
  • Make self-care your number one priority! You need to make sure you’re energised to be your best for yourself, your family and to help your business thrive!

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