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Designing Your Lifestyle Through Your Online Business with Niki Hutchison

How to build the lifestyle business of you dreams

When Niki Hutchison realised that her corporate job did not accommodate working mums, she knew something had to change. And after returning to work following a health scare, her decision was made: She needed to quit that job and take her career and her lifestyle into her own hands.

Niki has now been an entrepreneur for eight years, after starting a hip-hop dance school for kids based in Edinburgh. But after a few years she realised that what she really wanted was to develop a business where she could work from anywhere.

She credits a fellow Members’ Club member for opening her eyes to the opportunities that starting an online business would afford her. So with a background in marketing, Niki decided to become a marketing strategist and set up Niki Hutchison Ltd.

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In this podcast, Niki and I discuss:

  • Why she decided to quit the corporate world and start her first business.
  • How she realised that it was her marketing skills that were the true value.
  • The journey she went through to find the confidence to step back into a marketing role and set up her second business.
  • How a Members’ Club member opened her eyes to the opportunities of online business and the possibility of having the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • How she overcame obstacles and used her online business to fulfill her lifelong dream of spending her Summer living and working in Ibiza with her family.
  • Her goals, plans and dreams for the next few years and what she’s focusing on right now to make it all happen.
  • The importance of having clarity around your business strategy before diving in.
  • The biggest challenges she has had to overcome throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Niki top tips for success are:

  • Think about your overall business goals first of all before jumping in or spreading yourself too thin across too many social media platforms. Be strategic and use your specific goals to create your own strategy.
  • Once you have your strategy in place, make sure that you’re regularly checking in on the results so that you can keep doing what’s working and eliminating what isn’t.
  • Make sure you’re clear on which of your revenue streams are actually bringing in the most revenue.
  • If looking at your competitors is sending you spiralling into a negative mindset, just mute that out and focus on your own work. Get clear on your own goals and what you would like your own business journey to look like.

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