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Building A Business To Live Life On Your Own Terms with Vicki Nicolson

After a career in corporate PR, visual communication and branding, Vicki decided to use her expertise to build her own business and live life on her own terms. She joins me in this episode of the She Means Business podcast to tell me all about her entrepreneurial journey and what being a member of the Members’ Club has done for her business.

Vicki is now a branding designer for female entrepreneurs, corporations and retail businesses, helping them build a great presence, increase visibility and improve consistency so that they can fascinate and captivate their audiences.

Vicki says she felt a little bit lost when she first made the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship and that’s why she joined the Members’ Club, to understand what she needed to do to step up her game. Joining was, in her words, “game changing”. She says surrounding herself with the right type of people was an essential part of her success.

In this podcast, Vicki and I discuss:

  • The day that made her decide to take the leap from the corporate world into entrepreneurship.
  • How she felt making that transition, the challenges she faced and the transformations she experienced throughout her journey.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals as a solopreneur, joining communities and groups.
  • The flexibility she found running her own business.
  • The importance of the mindset shifts she made throughout her entrepreneurial journey.
  • How she finds a lot of her clients and collaboration opportunities through the Members’ Club community.

Vicki’s top tips for success are:

  • Don’t get stuck and procrastinate to start your business. Go all in, take the leap and just do it straight away rather than sitting on the idea!
  • As you run your business, always continue to develop your ideas.
  • Ask questions when you get stuck or ask someone for help because people are almost always willing to help!

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