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Building A Wildly Successful Business In The Face Of Unimaginable Adversity with Christine Tylee

Sometimes life throws you a curveball bigger than you could ever imagine and even just holding on, let alone thriving, seems impossible. In this episode, I’m joined by the truly inspirational and incredible Christine Tylee, who is a seven-figure entrepreneur and has built multiple successful businesses.

Christine is the founder of Direct Sales Inspiration, which provides knowledge, inspiration and training for members of the direct sales industry all around the world. Her wildly successful has been running for 17 years and has been a multi-million dollar business for 10 of those years. 

Over the past few years, Christine has had to deal with two potentially terminal health scares, one involving her daughter (who was diagnosed with acute leukaemia but is now thankfully in remission!) and another scare involving herself. Through both these horrific experiences, Christine’s unbelievable positivity, mindset, strength and desire to share her stories and knowledge with the world has helped her get through this unimaginable hardship and come out having built a meaningful and wildly successful business! 

You’ll love her story of how she worked her way through every single masterclass in the Members’ Club while sitting at her daughter’s bedside in hospital and how her business was the beacon of positivity she needed to make it through.

She is truly an inspiration and this episode will give you a completely different perspective on things and a huge dose of gratitude! You’re going to love it!

In this podcast, Christine and I discuss:

  • How she got started in the direct sales industry with the Body Shop at Home, to running a multi-million dollar direct sales business and building a community to train others in the same field. 
  • Her journey from starting out slow to creating so much success after she realised what was possible and stopped looking at it as a side-income and hobby. 
  • The biggest things she did when she started out that helped her make so much progress, including not being afraid of hearing the word “no” and getting rejected. 
  • Her ethical and collaborative approach to business and how this helped set her apart in her industry. 
  • The tragic diagnosis her daughter received a few years ago and how Christine maintained a six-figure income throughout the entire ordeal, while witnessing other parents in the same situation having to quit their job and dealing with financial disaster. 
  • How this made her realise that she wanted to share her expertise and message on a much bigger scale, make a difference to more people and establish her second business to train others. 
  • How she turned that horrible time into a positive and made the most of her time spent in the hospital, by working her way through every single masterclass in the Members’ Club while sitting at her daughter’s bedside. She says focusing on building a second meaningful business became her positive outlet among the distress she was facing.
  • The opportunity to be noticed that she identified on Pinterest and how she grew her account and has made it her most valuable traffic source after working through the Become A Pinterest All-Star Masterclass. 
  • The importance of working on her mindset to grow her businesses, especially while her daughter Sophie was unwell, including the little things she did to stay positive and strong.
  • Her more recent health scare and how all her mindset practices helped her get through another ordeal all over again.

Christine’s top tips for success are:


  • Try meditation, especially through the Headspace app, which Christine says has worked like magic for her!


  • Make a vision board, compile an inspirational playlist and find inspirational quotes that resonate with you and stick them up wherever you will see them throughout the day! Christine says they were all over her daughter’s hospital ward, her wallet, her car and office and helped her maintain her positivity throughout.
  • Try starting a glitter journal, where you note down the best part of your day, every single day. This will help you not only focus on the positives, but also feel more grateful for everything you have going for you.

Find out more or connect with Christine

Facebook: Christine Tylee

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