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Overcoming Self-Doubt And Starting A Business You Love with Katie Tovey-Grindlay

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Starting A Business You Love

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I’m so excited for today’s episode because I’m chatting to one of our amazing Members’ Club members, Katie Tovey-Grindlay! Katie has been an entrepreneur since 2011, when she left the Royal Navy and started a dog walking business. From there, she went on to set up her own social media agency, Business Wonderland, and she has recently set up her third business, Petfluencer Agency!

Katie joined the Members’ Club in 2015 when one of her biggest struggles was getting into the right mindset for success and overcoming the fear that was holding her back. Katie says she not only learned how to beat her mindset struggles through the Members’ Club, she also formed amazing friendships and found incredible support from the other members. 

She also loves learning new strategies she wouldn’t have previously thought of, like recording videos or copywriting. 

One of her highlights since becoming a member has been attending our members-only Inspired Vacay, which she says helped her come away from that event with a solid plan of action.

In this podcast, Katie and I discuss:

  • The truth about being an entrepreneur, how Katie got started and how she went from the Royal Navy to having Sir Paul McCartney tweet about her own business within a few years! 
  • Her journey from starting a dog walking business, progressing to a social media agency and now setting up a third business.
  • The biggest struggle she had to overcome and why becoming more self-aware and working on her mindset has helped her achieve success.
  • The highlights she has had since becoming an entrepreneur and how celebrities and brands have been tweeting about her business.

Katie’s top tips for success are:

  • Not to let the fear cripple you and stop you from doing what you want to do. Just go for it because what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Nothing has to be perfect, so give yourself permission to start out wherever you are, even if your videos (or whatever you are creating) are not too great. Learn and improve as you go along, but don’t waste time holding yourself back.

Find out more or connect with Katie:
Instagram: @Business_wonderland
Instagram: @Petfluenceragency

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