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How To Think Like A Millionaire With Michelle Rohr-Pelayo

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Have you ever had a realisation or a thought that just hit you like a steam train out of the blue? Like you were going about your day and suddenly this epiphany just came to you… that perhaps you should start that business or you should go after that dream or finally step into your true potential… 

So whenever you’ve had those moments of clarity, what did you do about it? Did you take notice and take action or did you just brush it away and go back to repeating the motions? 

I caught up with our very own Michelle Rohr-Pelayo at Inspired Vacay in Palm Springs last month and she shared with me her story of having this epiphany a few years ago about wanting to become a millionaire. And because she took action on that epiphany, she’s now well on her way!

Michelle is the founder of the Secret OWL Society and has been a part of Team FEA for over seven years and it’s been so incredibly inspiring to watch her journey. Every time I hear her story, it reinforces the fact that we’re all capable of stepping out of our “normal” to become absolutely extraordinary and transform our lives. 


So here are 7 takeaways about thinking like a millionaire from my chat with Michelle that I think we all need to implement in our lives:


If you have this epiphany that you want to become a millionaire, then you have to start making million-dollar decisions and acting like the person that you want to be. We all need to uplevel our thinking and go all in in order to get to where we want to be.

Michelle had this realisation that she was acting at the level she was at, going through the motions and just recreating that level on a daily basis. She wanted to break to the next level and become a millionaire, but thinking about being a millionaire is not about having $1,000,000 in the bank. As the amazing Jim Rohn teaches, “Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it”.  Remember that the journey and personal transformation is even more important than the end result.

You can’t wait for things to make sense and to have all your ducks in a row before you start taking action. Millionaires don’t wait for everything to be lined up before they make decisions. Being brave and making the commitment comes first, and then everything starts to line up afterwards as you work your way through it. As you make these brave decisions, you need to rise up and uplevel your thinking and your life in order to make it happen.

Whenever we make a decision to change, to show up in a bigger way and to uplevel our life, there’s an energy that vibrates and shifts and the pressure will be on for a while. It feels uncomfortable, but really that’s what it feels like to change and grow. This resistance to change will always be there, so a lot of us have this epiphany but we just let our logical mind kick in, we push it away and resist actually making that change because it’s scary and uncomfortable. Michelle says, “What I realised is, I can do it, it is possible, I did it and I didn’t die!! The resistance was there but here I am and everything worked out!”

When we have these moments of clarity and realisation, it’s like getting a glimpse into who we are capable of being, so we need to let that voice speak louder than who we’ve been up to that point. You just need to let this person, who is inside of you, who you would like to become more like, be the person leading the way, instead of the person you’ve been up to this point. Between your past and your potential, it’s up to you which one you choose to listen to and which voice you allow to get louder.

We all have epiphanies and moments of stark realisation that come to us out of the blue, that change our mindset and make us see the world differently. So when this happens, do something about it! When these “windows into your potential” open up, make sure you get really good at noticing them. If you live with your head buried in the sand, not really paying attention to your thoughts and to what’s going on, you will just stay stuck. When your intuition is speaking to you, listen and act. The more you do that, the stronger that awareness will get and the more frequently those epiphanies and results will start to happen.

As entrepreneurs, a lot of us try something and it works out, but then we just don’t keep doing it. So if you listened to your intuition or you had an epiphany one time and you acted on it and it worked out, why not keep doing it every single time that happens! 

The more you prove to yourself that taking action will get you to your desired result, the easier it becomes to keep taking action and making strides towards your dreams.

I hope this story gets you excited about all the amazing potential you have at your fingertips. We’re all capable of so much, we just need to make the decision, uplevel our thinking, take action and keep making it happen. 

Make sure you head over to The Secret OWL Society to discover more about Michelle and her amazing work!

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