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Bust Through Your Money Blocks And Create More Financial Abundance In 4 Simple Steps

If you know you want to build a successful business and you want to create financial abundance, but for some reason, you’re just blocking yourself from making it happen, trust me when I say I know how frustrating this is! 

Do you ever feel like, one minute you’re pursuing this passion and doing what you’re really meant to be doing with your life, and the next, all these scary doubts and questions just rain down on you and suddenly you’re wondering how you can even manage to do it sustainably in the long-term. 

When I started FEA back in 2011, I wanted to do something meaningful and help other people. But this also created a fear in me that “giving” meant I wasn’t supposed to be “receiving”, or making money from what I was doing. And this is the weird psychology so many entrepreneurs fall into where we feel like we’re not worthy of making money or that whatever we create isn’t valuable enough. 

For me it was this thought process of wanting to help as many people as possible and that if I were to think about money, it would completely shift my focus from giving to getting. This fear of making money kept me stuck until all the finances I had set aside completely dried up and I couldn’t even afford to buy Christmas presents for my family. 

I had driven myself into a financial hole and was feeling like a complete fraud! I realised that if I didn’t bust through this money block that was holding me back, I would be of even less service to people because I would have to give up on FEA, close up shop and get a normal job.  If I wanted to be successful, if I wanted FEA to keep growing, making a difference and having an impact, I had to figure out a way for this to become financially sustainable for me. 

So once I realised that allowing money to flow freely to me would actually give me the resources to help even more people and have an even bigger impact, I set on a mission to sort out my thinking and my financial situation. 

And because I know that a lot of us struggle with these thoughts and feelings and just stay stuck, I want to share with you four key things that helped me transform my situation and go from rock bottom and feeling like I couldn’t charge for anything, to building a business that now generates multiple million dollars in revenue every single year:

Get clear on what your money blocks actually are

Start by asking yourself why you’re holding yourself back from making the money you could make. Grab some paper and a pen and take some time to brainstorm and write out what you think is blocking you. Think about why you might have this money block and what it is truly about or where it might be stemming from, because once you have an awareness of the situation, you can actually do something about it! Lack of clarity about your thoughts, will keep you stuck in your actions so this is an essential place to start!

Condition your mind to allow money to flow to you

Once you have clarity, mindset is the next piece of the puzzle. A friend once told me that “The most powerful voice you can listen to, is your own”. He encouraged me to create my own guided visualisation that I could listen to, that would help me move past my money blocks. I recorded this financial abundance guided visualisation for myself and began listening to it every single day and once I got determined on shifting my mindset, my situation began to transform. A few days after this, I received an email campaign from Lewis Howes, whose work I really admired. I clicked through and read the blog post and in the comments, I noticed he had left his email address. I knew I had to try and email him to see if I could do something with him. Later on that evening, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that he’d replied and was interested! That led to me doing a webinar with Amy Porterfield who was promoting her course. So many people signed up for that webinar that I ended up making about $2,000 from it and I couldn’t believe it! The training was a hit with my audience so I felt amazing that I had helped make an even bigger difference for them, whilst generating revenue for FEA! The rest is history but it all started with me shifting my mindset and realising that I had to make some fundamental changes to how I was thinking and feeling about money to turn this around. So take time to think how can you can condition yourself for success and allow yourself to receive more money. Get clear on some financial abundance affirmations you love, repeat them to yourself regularly, print them out and stick them all over your house. Remind yourself that you are allowed to make money, that you are good enough, that you are worthy! Seems simple enough, but this is so incredibly effective!

Be open to opportunities and act on them.

After sorting out my mindset, I realised that I had to start pouncing on opportunities in order to make anything happen! When I saw Lewis Howes’ email address, the old me would have been afraid to reach out. But because I was in this new frame of mind, I literally pounced on that opportunity and the results (and revenue!) appeared within days! Working on your mindset mindset is crucial, but then you have to actually take action on it, so keep your eyes open to opportunities around you. Ask yourself if there’s something right now in your business that you could do that would generate revenue for you, perhaps something you haven’t been doing because you feel like you’re not worthy. What action could you take now that would allow you to break through these money blocks and allow more money to flow to you? Once you figure this out, take that action and then keep taking action and forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone! For example, one of the things I wanted to do was to build a membership site, but I’d been so afraid that I wasn’t good enough and couldn’t do it. After this mindset shift, I thought there was nothing left but to actually do it! So I did! I launched it and started to see the monthly revenue increase from $1,000 to $5,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 and beyond! It’s crazy to think of what’s actually possible when you get out of your own way and take the right action to enable yourself to create a really financially successful business, so just do it!

Visualise, experience and live that financial abundance now!

Take time to experience being financially free and financially abundant right now. All of us have the ability to transcend our reality at any time to experience the reality that we want for ourselves. So how would you feel if you knew that you had $1 million sitting in the bank? How would you feel if you knew that your business was making $10,000 a month or generating seven figures a year? What would you do differently? How would you act? There’s nothing stopping you from feeling financially abundant right now, other than yourself, so begin to create the feelings of financial abundance in your life right now! If you want to be a millionaire, start thinking and feeling like a millionaire. Attach yourself to how it’s going to be and bring it into your life. Simply visualising this is such a powerful thing to do. Use affirmations to train your brain to feel abundant. A simple one I really love is “Money flows to me quickly and easily”. Just repeat to yourself an affirmation that resonates with you and enjoy transcending your reality, visualising and really feeling exactly how you would feel if you had all the money you could ever wish for flowing into your life. Do this regularly and you’ll start to see the results!

These four simple steps truly helped me to stop holding myself back and just go for it and I know that they can really help you too! One simple but powerful action you can take right now is to start listening to guided visualisations, so I’ve put together a really simple one to help you to really condition yourself for success. Simply click below to get your hands on this audio and get started on this amazing journey of financial abundance!

Just know this… if you’re feeling like you’re not where you want to be right now financially, and if you’re struggling with money blocks – you can absolutely do something about it! Believe in yourself and go all in.

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