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Running a business and having a baby part 2

Can I really build a successful business AND have a baby? Will I have enough time? How will I focus on doing a good job at both?

These were some of the questions that went through my mind before having a baby. I was kind of freaked out because for the past 14 years my life has revolved around turning my ideas into reality and building successful businesses… I’ve worked relentlessly, but I knew with a baby in the mix that would change… and now being on the other side, it 100% has changed.

I no longer have the number of hours in the day to dedicate to my business like I used to… BUT one thing I know for sure is that if you want something badly enough, you’ll figure out a way to make it work and I am figuring it out!

Since having Kasey last year I’ve received so many messages from women asking me to share my experience of having a baby and building a business, so I decided to open up and make some videos about it.

Part 1. which is all about how I prepared myself and my business for the baby to come along, is available to watch here.

This post is part 2 and it’s all about what happened once the baby arrived.

I talk about:

  • Taking maternity leave
  • The biggest challenges I faced (the guilt, confusion and comparisonitis!)
  • What helped me the most to navigate the first few months

If this topic resonates with you, I hope this video helps you lots!

Next week I’ll be sharing the final video all about how I got back into work and how I balance looking after Kasey with working, so keep a look out if you’re interested!

Carrie xx

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