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When things aren’t perfect and you’re afraid to take action

Hello lovely,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a new video or published a new post on here! Something really big happened in my life… I had a baby 6 months ago.

It’s been the most amazing adventure, but I’m not going to lie – getting my head around work and looking after Kasey has been a challenge for me. I love both so much, but it’s impossible to take care of both at the same time.

I used to work all hours of the day, because I just loved what I was doing so much, now I’m lucky if I manage to grab 30 minutes without getting distracted!

When I started FEA in 2011 my focus was to create a platform for us to be able to be open and honest about the reality of building businesses, so I decided to take the plunge and create the video below and this post and to be completely open.

It’s FAR from perfect.

It’s FAR from my usual videos.

But it’s real.

Over the past few months the idea of creating content again has been weighing on me heavily. I’ve made weekly videos for years now and it felt weird to stop when I had Kasey, but I gave myself permission to take time off to enjoy the precious moments with him. However, lately I’ve felt the pull to get going again but then the little voice in my head kicked in…

“I look so tired and crap at the moment, I need to wait until I look better!”

“The house is such a mess, there’s no where to film!!”

“What do I even say now?!!”

The reasons mounted up for why now wasn’t a good time to get going with creating new videos, so I kept putting it off.

Then today, sat on the sofa with a very snuffly baby, I decided to just DO IT!!

To make an imperfect video, with messy hair, a messy house, Kasey sat on my lap and stop waiting for things to be better before I get started.

It felt sooo good to just give myself permission to do it. So here you go:

For so many of us we want to create things, we want to do things, but we get in our own way. We think everything needs to be better than what it is to get started, but it’s not true. We just need to get started where we’re at and then make it better as we go.

So my challenge for you is this:

If there’s something you’ve been putting off creating or doing, give yourself permission to just do it! 

Start it, take one little step. Don’t wait around, because the time will pass and you’ll miss out.

The video I made above was so far from perfect, but I had the courage to just do it and put it out there and now the ball is rolling again I can work on getting better.

It doesn’t matter what stage of business you’re at, we’ve always got things which push us outside of our comfort zone, but let’s be courageous and take that step.

Carrie xx

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