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Give yourself the space you need to thrive and succeed + free printable

In this video I share the strategies I use to give myself the space I need to relax, reconnect and revive myself when I feel I’m struggling under pressure.

At the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey we often set off with a strong vision and a clear dream of what we would ultimately like our business to look like. Ideas seem to flow to us and we’re full of energy and rearing to go.

Fast forward a few months down the line, and we seem so stuck in the daily grind of building the business that we slowly start losing our creative edge and our motivation starts to dwindle. While you’re working through the day-to-day, it’s so easy to disconnect from your big vision and slowly lose sight of where you were heading in the first place.

Dealing with this myself over the years I’ve come to realise it’s absolutely crucial to build time into your busy schedule to give yourself enough space for the ideas to flow again, to reconnect with the dream and get back into your zone of genius.

And whilst it might seem counterproductive to take time out to relax when you’re at your busiest, this is when we’re at our most creative, a chance to get back into the flow of things as you navigate your way towards your end goal.

In this video I share the strategies I use to give myself the space I need to relax, reconnect and revive myself when I feel I’m struggling under pressure.

It’s a technique I swear by, and one that has helped me overcome overwhelm and challenges, allowing me to keep moving the business forward and come up with new and exciting ideas.

Here’s the process I use to enable myself to create space and get back into the flow of things when I feel stuck, overwhelmed or lacking inspiration.

Plan your down time

Planning your down time means you’re intentionally carving out time in your busy schedule to give yourself the space you need. Get clear on a productive way to chill out and let your ideas flow. Think also of how frequently you need to do this,  whether that’s daily,weekly,monthly or even on a yearly basis; plan it out and schedule it in! You’ll be amazed at how productive and powerful this time can be.

Identify what works for you

Once you’ve decided how often and when you’ll be taking some personal time, think of what activities work best to get your creative juices flowing and help you reconnect with your vision. Whether that’s journaling, meditation or even taking some time out to dream, find something that helps you feel connected and brings you back into your zone of genius.

Be patient

If you’ve been going through a really hectic, overwhelming period, it takes time and it can be really challenging to get back into that space of flow. Be patient with yourself, it’s normal not to feel on top of things all the time! Give yourself space to reach that breakthrough moment where you are back to being the creator that you are meant to be.

To go along with this video we’ve created a free printable to help you make this process work for you. You can download it here >>>

What are your favourite ways to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your vision when it all gets a bit too much? Let us know in the comments below!

Carrie xx


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